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How To Know When Drain Cleaning Service Is Necessary

How To Know When Drain Cleaning Service Is NecessaryDrain cleaning is a service offered by plumbers to remove the buildup within your plumbing sewer lines. It is very effective at removing clogs as well. Plumbing clogs happen all the time and people deal with them in various ways.

Home ownership involves proper maintenance and care. A typical challenge is dealing with clogged drains. There are many common household items you may find in your home for specifically dealing with this menace, like the plunger, auger or ‘snake,’ closet auger, sewer tape, and some chemicals to unclog the drains in your house. Despite owning this equipment, you may opt to hire a professional, trained in the ways of drain cleaning.

Constant drain clogging is a sign that you have a more serious problem than a store-bought drain cleaner can deal with. Drain cleaning will take care of just about any problem, but you may also need plumbing repairs. Drain cleaning is an important service that helps you avoid plumbing repairs. But how do you know when you need drain cleaning service?

When & How To Attempt Drain Cleaning Yourself

The plunger is one of the simplest tools for dealing with a very common clogged drain; the toilet. But then, however, despite being thought of as the most user-friendly tool for unclogging drains many also seem to think that it is the most inefficient tool in solving drain dilemmas.

The augers, as the majority would say, are actually more effective for this purpose because of its more rigid design that makes it capable of removing bigger and heavier drain clogs. A point of caution though, in using augers, one has to be reminded of its ability to damage sinks, pipes, and toilet bowls. Augers, however effective they are, must be used with great care.

If you have certain fears when using the auger, then you can use a much safer tool known as the sewer tape. It is a long flat thin piece of metal with a hook which differs in sizes at the end. When using it, you can just slide it down the drain, pull it out and clear out clogged drains. It has to be noted that while sewer tapes are less damaging compared to augers, augers are more efficient than sewer tapes.

Another nifty item you can find just about anywhere is the zip drain tool which has the hooks along the strip. It is made of plastic and is only long enough to reach the hair in the trap. It is very effective at getting out all those clumpy wads of hair and goo in the shower.

If all the said tools are not sufficient in solving your clogged drain problems, then you can always try special chemicals. Specific chemicals can lubricate the drainage and thus simply let slip certain clogs. Others use mild grease or soft soap which also acts as a lubricant thus helping clear out any clogs. Never ever use harsh drain cleaning chemicals in your plumbing system. They damage the pipes, connections, and other parts.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service In Aiken

If these tools are unable to assist you, or you find no desire in utilizing them, professional help is not hard to find. A professional plumber has been trained and specially equipped to handle things like clogged drains and other plumbing problems. A quality plumber can always fix your problem in a more timely fashion and with less likelihood of damage than the typical homeowner.

You can find reliable drain cleaning and other plumbing services in Aiken at Southern Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air. We have provided reliable service since 1987. Caring for your plumbing system in the right way will reward you many times over. With drain cleaning, you’ll have many benefits including:

  • Fewer clogs
  • Free-flowing drains
  • Bacteria free drains
  • Fewer plumbing repairs
  • Less corrosion which leads to leaks

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