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Aiken, Augusta & North Augusta Dishwashers & Garbage Disposals

Is your dishwasher on the fritz and in need of repairs? Want a garbage disposal unit installed with your kitchen sink? Whatever the case may be, Southern Plumbing & Electrical can take care of your kitchen garbage disposal needs.

At Southern Plumbing & Electrical, our Aiken and Augusta plumbers are experts when it comes to installing and repairing dishwashers and garbage disposal units. From top rated energy efficient dishwashers to basic garbage disposal units, you can rely on us for quality installation and repair services for garbage disposals and dishwashers in the Aiken, Augusta and North Augusta areas.

Dishwashers & Garbage Disposals

Saving Money by Using a Dishwasher

A relatively common assumption is that washing dishes by hand saves hot water. However, washing dishes by hand several times a day could be more expensive than operating some automatic dishwashers. If properly used, an efficient dishwasher can consume less energy than washing dishes by hand, particularly when you only operate the dishwasher with full loads.

Dish washing technology has advanced to the point where you don't even have to 'pre-wash' your dishes any more before adding them to the dishwasher. With the additives that are available along with new features today's Aiken and Augusta dishwashers are equipped with, we can pile in the dirtiest of dishes and pull out clean, sparkling dishes to place in our cabinet or dish racks.

If you are planning to purchase a new dishwasher for your Aiken or Augusta home, check the Energy Guide labels and compare the approximate yearly energy costs among brands. Dishwashers fall into one of two categories: compact capacity or standard capacity. Although compact capacity dishwashers may appear to be more energy efficient, they hold fewer dishes and may force you to use the appliance more frequently than you would use a standard-capacity model. In this case, your energy costs could be higher than with the standard-capacity dishwasher.

An efficient automatic dishwasher can consume less energy than washing dishes by hand, particularly when you only operate the dishwasher with full loads.

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